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Healthy Clean Floors

Having your hardwood floors cleaned gives them longevity and gives them a healthy clean look.

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Waxy Buildup Hardwood Floors

We Can Save You Money

If your hardwood has a waxy build up. Most hardwood refinishing companies would recommend sanding and re-staining. This process is expensive and can take a long time.

Our process literally costs half the price, and our with our process were not kicking up dust all over your home.

Our New 5 Step Cleaning process


Step 1. Pre Inspection

We first test the hardwood for any waxy acrylic build-up. This is normally caused from products like Mop & Glo and other polishes that leave a film.

If a waxy buildup does exist, our wax removal system will eliminate the build-up before the actual cleaning can be performed.


Step 2. Dry Soil Removal

We will vacuum all the dry particulate off the floors and edge vacuum all areas being cleaned. Dry soil removal is the most important step to any cleaning process.



Step 3. Cleaning

Our no dust cleaning process will remove deeply embedded dirt that regular mopping can’t get to. Our cleaning agents are safe and will not remove the polyurethane from your wood.



Step 4. Drying

Our cleaning agents are alcohol based. Your floors can be walked on about an hour after cleaning.



Step 5. Post Inspection

Before we leave, we will have you take a look at all the areas that have been cleaned to assure everything has been cleaned to your satisfaction


Clean Wood Floors

Please Note: Our cleaning process will not restore areas that are worn, water damaged, or have deep scratches