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Tired of waiting hours for your clothes to dry?

Dryer lint build up can block air flow causing your clothes to dry slowly. No need to replace your dryer (unless its going bad!) Get your clothes dry faster today by calling to schedule a free inspection and get $25.00 off your dryer vent cleaning.

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Fire Caused by Dryer fire

Did you know your dryer can catch on fire because of clogged dryer vents?

Dryer lint is extremely flammable. Over 17,000 homes a year catch on fire due to clogged dryer vents. One spark can easily catch your dryer and home on fire. Many outdoor campers use this as fire tinder because of how easily it lights on fire. Don’t let this happen to your home.

Indoor air pollution is a serious health hazard affecting millions of Americans. Researchers claim it contributes to more than half of all illnesses, including sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, asthma and more. Common household pollutants include dust, mold, pollen rodent feces and insect remains.

Doing the job effectively requires the right combination of superior technology and attention to workmanship. Thatís why you need the experts at Premier Performance Carpet Cleaning.

Our 100% Guarantee to You:

100% Money Back Guarantee! If you aren’t thrilled we thoroughly cleaned your dryer vents, we ask for 1 chance to make it right. If your still not satisfied I will personally refund all your money. What could be more fair?

Premier Performance Carpet Cleaning Services Money Back Guarantee

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