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3 Reasons To Clean Your Carpet

3 Reasons to Clean Your Carpet

by | Apr 9, 2020

Sand is scratching and dulling your carpet.

Each day we pull out pounds and pounds of gritty soil out of the base of your neighbors’ carpets. It’s in yours too! Spread the yarns apart and look deep. Its grinding your expensive yarns into worthless fibers that fill up your vacuum bag.

This is the #1 cause of wear. Every Moment you wait, your carpet wears out faster.

Clean carpet in a living room

Residue is collecting dirt. How do the traffic lanes feel on your carpet?

Airborne oil residues from cooking, along with other pollutants that make their way inside your home, settle into the carpet yarns. Slightly sticky, they grab dirt and lock it on. Through a process called ” Oxidation” soils bond with the carpet, causing color change, and becoming permanently attached. The longer you wait between each carpet cleaning, the more soil becomes permanent.

Pollutants in the air filter through the carpet. Is the air starting to smell stale?

Like a giant filter, your carpets trap pollutants so you don’t breathe them over and over. But what happens when that filter gets full? Your family starts to breathing dust mite debris, pollen, pollutants, fungus, spores, bacteria, and a long list of other really gross stuff. Once your carpets natural filtering ability gets full, it is time for a thorough cleaning for your family’s health’s sake. Clean every six months and you will breathe easier. Convinced that you need your carpets cleaned and maintained so they will last you many years to come? Have us come out to give you a FREE, no obligation professional carpet evaluation.